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I like to dwell in the moment and soak up the inspiring impressions of my surroundings.

Whether in the Helmut Newton exhibition or at the Sunday flea market, where I roam the stalls in search of the next picture book. In the evening hours, you can find me in the pulsating streets of Munich, in constant search of libertinage and stimulating conversation.

One of my most defining traits is my smart and fun-loving view on life, coupled with a generous openness to the world. Despite my down-to-earth cheerfulness, I have a soft spot for the exquisite pleasures of life, be it the search for the ideal second-hand Céline handbag or the enjoyment of a drop of Ruinart.

When we dine together, I like to inspire you with amusing anecdotes, because a stimulating conversation is usually more erotic than a direct physical approach could ever be, don’t you think? To me, a healthy pinch of humor is way more important than pretentious coolness. However, as soon as I feel comfortable with someone, the one or the other sarcastic but affectionate dig is inevitable.

If you make me laugh, you have already won me over.


AGE Mid 20’s


HEIGHT 184cm / 6’1"


CUP 80D/75C (natural)


SHOES 39/40


HOME Munich



INTERESTS Conversations about anything and everything, sex positivity, fitness, fashion, sewing, wine & dine with friends

MUSIC 60s, 80s, Elektro, Pop, Downbeat

STYLE Sporty-elegant to sexy-edgy, likely black & bold

CUISINE Italian, Sushi, French, Pescetarian

DRINKS Rosemary Gin Gimlet, Basil Smash, champagne,

Rosé, White wine (current favourite: Chablis), citrus lemonade

MORE Non-smoker, fully Covid vaccinated, 2 small tattoos

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