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Independent Escort Sophie Andersen Munich München
Independent Escort Munich Sophie






























on demand


All fees included

Nuremberg, FFM, Zurich | 250

Vienna, Berlin | 300

Hamburg, NRW | 350


Plus flight costs

Europe | 150



100%. Discretion is very important to me, for your and my safety. What happens behind closed doors remains a beautiful memory and nothing more.


When I receive a date request, I don't care about your race, age or other superficial aspects. Be hygienic, respectful of my requirements and openminded. That's all I care about.


Despite my submissive disposition, I need a solid level of trust before I can let myself fall during intense dominance games. Just send your request, maybe we are on the same wavelength. Moreover, I do not travel to Greece but I enjoy bringing my toys to the beach 😉 I don't tolerate any racism, sexism, transphobia, sexism or similar inhuman attitudes or statements!


As mentioned, please note that I require a deposit of 20% for all dates 4 hours and longer. The difference will be handed over in cash at the beginning of the date. Travel fees also need to be send over prior to the meeting via Deutsche Bahn or Flightgift. For a deposit, I prefer a gift card by Deutsche Bahn Amazon DE Bordelle Lingerie MyTheresa Connox

Girlfriend Experience

The term "Girlfriend Experience" (often abbreviated as GFE) is typically used in the context of paid companionship or sex work. It refers to a service in which a provider (usually a female escort) offers a type of experience that mimics the intimate and romantic relationship that one might have with a girlfriend. This can include things like cuddling, kissing, holding hands and going on dates as well as sharing erotic intimacies. It is important to note that the girlfriend experience is a specific type of service that is not offered by all escorts or sex workers, and not all clients are interested in this type of experience. My personal definition of a girlfriend experience is providing a casual and attentive companionship for the booked time. Please note that GFE always includes all usual safety measures as screening and contraception.


Our date should take place in a minimum 4-star hotel, which you organize. If you are unfamiliar with Munich, I am happy to recommend a hotel to you. If you do not have time or want to leave the choice of the hotel to me, I will gladly take over. In this case you transfer the hotel costs in advance via Hotelgift or another gift card.


I am kink friendly and generally open for you ideas and wishes. Since I am more submissive, I enjoy playing with the role. Nonetheless, I need to feel secure with you and trust you. So please respect that I don't want to have my eyes

First time booking

Is it your first time booking an escort? No worries, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind: 1.Brainstorm what you are looking for: Are there any preferences, wishes or kinks you wish to fulfill? Which interest should the two of you share? 2.Be clear about your expectations and boundaries. Communicate your needs and desires clearly and respectfully, and be sure to establish boundaries upfront. 3.Escorts are professionals, and you should be prepared to pay for their time and services. If they require a deposit, don’t argue about it. A deposit ensures her safety which will always be more important than anything else. 4.Always use protection and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your partner. 5.Be clean and take a shower before the meet up as well as before getting intimate. Don’t forget to properly clean all parts of your body, even the ones more difficult to reach. 6.Respect the escort's time and boundaries: Remember that escorts are individuals with their own boundaries and preferences. Be respectful of their time and personal space, and be sure to honor their wishes. It's also important to remember that booking an escort is a personal decision, and you should only proceed if you feel comfortable and confident in doing so.


You might be wondering whether I am real and authentic. I can assure you that I try my best to bring my true personality across but the internet has its limits. Personally, I feel like I can let loose and drop some funny remarks a lot easier in person than in a SEO optimized text on a website. Considering your wonder if I am in deed a real person - no worries, I am indeed a human being. As an independent escort, I am also managing myself (which can be challenging at times since I also work full time in a start up). Therefore, I enjoy escort as a secret side adventure to give my hedonistic nature a place to go wild. Need more proof? I have listed ads on various website that require authenticity screening such as Tryst, Eurogirls or you can have a taste of my daily life on Twitter.


Let's get in touch

I won't bite, I promise (unless you want me to)

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