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Escort Glossary


A non negotiable necessity for everyone who has casual sex with another person, especially in context of sex work. Using a condom for contraception as well as protection against STD’s is crucial to ensure a safe playtime. Asking to remove the condom is widely considered a rude move since it implies the willingness to risk an escort’s health as well as one’s own. And no, I don’t care that it does not feel as good. Perhaps you are simply wearing the wrong size? Do the size test on MySize’s website, buy the correct size for you, then try again.


Consent is key and asking for it can be hot as hell. During the #metoo era, people have been quick to make stupid jokes à la “Oh, so I have to ask if this is okay before every move?” No, because in the best case, you can tell that your partner is obviously excited to engage intimately with you. There are a lot of ways to ask for consent:

“You look so beautiful right now but my hand around your throat would look even better.”

“Fuck, I would love to feel you even more intensely by you wearing a plug.”

“How far do you want me to go?”

“Do you wish for help with that?”

“I’d love to see you touching yourself.”

“Do you want me to stop or do you want me to go harder?”


Lots of escorts ask for a deposit nowadays and for good reason. Asking for a deposit (often 10-30% of the rate) is a security measure for escorts to filter out timewasters and people who text you endless novels about the things they want to do with (or to) you without anything ever coming from it. It is also a safety net in case the date has to be cancelled. Most escorts will forward the deposit to the next date if a cancellation occurs, feel free to ask them yourself though since everyone has their own preferences.

Payment of the deposit comes in different forms. Some prefer crypto or bank transfers (or even PayPal though they have not been sex worker friendly in the past), others work with platforms like Wishtender. There is also the easiest option of sending a gift card of the appropriate amount.


Why only have one beautiful woman in your bed when you could have two? Double the trouble but also double the fun. Booking two escorts is a dream only few ever fulfill. Personally, I highly recommend it. Though there are some necessary steps to take before indulging in such a hedonistic adventure.

Make sure that the ladies of your liking actually like each other and are interested in other women. There is nothing more disappointing than being super excited for your date with two escorts only to realize that they are not vibing at all. Most high class agencies know their escorts well and pair only the ones that are truly into each other for duo requests.

Many independent escorts have a list of their duo friends on their website or on demand. You can find mine here.

Double listing

There are certain parts of the internet where some people seem to spend their free time browsing agencies to spot an escort that is already listed somewhere else. The goal? Hell if I know. Some seem to assume that the escort in question is doing it full time (Heaven forbid) or that she is having dates every single day and is not as “exclusive” or “high class” as others. And how dare it be if she has slightly different rates on different websites (I wonder if the marketing of the agency also plays into that but what do I know).

Let it be clear - there is nothing wrong with double listings. The assumption that double listed escorts are doing nothing but fucking is simply not true (usually, I guess). I was listed with two agencies for most of my agency career and I had weeks if not months without bookings from any of them. Most times, escorts simply want to have more options or enjoy having different types of clients depending on the agency. Let escorts do their business and define their availability how they want. If it is crucial for you to have an exclusive escort, find an agency that only lists those.

Naked woman with a rope, black and white


Femdom, short for female dominance, refers to a type of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism) relationship in which a dominant woman takes control over a submissive partner.

A femdom is a woman who enjoys being in charge and exerting power over her partner, whether in the bedroom or in other aspects of their lives. This can include things like giving orders, setting rules, and punishing disobedience. In a femdom relationship, the submissive partner willingly gives up control and follows the lead of the dominant woman.

Femdom relationships can take many forms and may involve a variety of activities, from simple power exchange to more extreme forms of play. Some femdoms enjoy inflicting pain or humiliation on their submissives, while others prefer a more sensual approach that focuses on pleasure and intimacy.

FMTY | Fly Me To You

Quite self explanatory - when you book an FMTY, you fly your chosen provider out to you. Most escorts if not all have a minimum booking duration for FMTY of at least a day which makes sense you would want to make the most out of the shared time if one half puts in the travel effort.

GFE | Girlfriend Experience

The term "girlfriend experience" (GFE) refers to a type of paid companionship or escort service in which the provider seeks to create a more intimate and authentic connection with their client, similar to that of a girlfriend or romantic partner.

In a GFE, the provider may engage in activities such as holding hands, cuddling, kissing, and engaging in conversation, in addition to more intimate activities like sexual intercourse. The goal is to create a sense of emotional and physical closeness that goes beyond a simple transactional exchange.

While the GFE is often associated with the sex industry, it is important to note that not all escorts or sex workers offer this type of service, and not all GFE experiences involve sexual activity. Many providers offer a range of options to suit the needs and desires of their clients, and it is up to each individual to decide what they are comfortable with. Moreover, GFE does not mean that the provider offers unprotected sex or even public display of affection such as kissing. Some might not be comfortable with the latter, better to always ask first before assuming.


So you want to have sex with a beautiful woman and have her spoil you intimately in the most wicked ways? Great but please be aware that you should also take care of your own body.

  • Shower before every date, preferably immediately before intimate contact as well. Use a sensitive shower gel to properly clean your genitals, get really into it and don’t forget your ass! A wash cloth makes the experience easier and more comfortable. If you smell fresh, I guarantee that your companion will have a lot more fun spoiling you.

  • Clean and manicured hands are a huge turn on. Nobody wants to be touched by fingers with dirt under the nails, not to talk about the hygienic aspects. I know not a single woman that is not turned on by groomed hands. It’s 2023, men are getting manicures - believe me, you will only benefit from it.

  • It shouldn’t have to be said but if you have an STD or a fungal infection (aka athlete’s foot), DON’T SEE AN ESCORT. These infections are contagious and you put the companion at risk. No, it is not enough to simply wear a sock or a condom. See a doctor, get healthy.

Empathy goes a long way and presenting yourself in the most appropriate and hygienic manner is a crucial part.


An independent escort (or just independent for short) means that you are responsible for your own marketing, accounting, website and planning. Independent escorts are more common in the US and UK, in countries like Germany or the Netherlands, there are more escort agencies than independents which can be traced back to more liberal laws concerning prostitution.

Independent escorts have a bigger workload to handle but they gain a financial benefit by not having to pay an agency fee. Moreover, independents have a more intimate relationship with their clients and are in direct contact with them. This also has its downsides and can attract timewasters. Nonetheless, independent escorts are often allround talents who manage their own business and are able to make their own rules which helps them attract the right clients.


Especially independent escorts are asking for references. My personal observation is that it started in the US where escorts had to put on stricter security measures in order to avoid fake bookings by law enforcement. A reference is a recommendation by another escort or provider that a client has seen in the past months. Usually, the client mentions the name and/or contact details of the escort they met prior so the newly contacted escort can get in touch with them. Therefore, the new provider can be sure that the client is reputable, respectful and a potential good fit. Of course, you can also mention agencies as a reference.

In Germany, references have slowly become more common. They offer a new level of security though and with the current law situation in Germany, it should be noted that a reference offers necessary safety.


Not just after Elon Musk’s overthrow and inevitable destruction of Twitter, has there been complications for sex workers on the social media platform. Being shadowbanned means that your content will not be shown to as many people as it possibly could be. The algorithm is purposefully hiding it, making it more difficult to reach new people. There hasn’t been an official confirmation of a shadowban by Twitter but it is widely known that there are some shenanigans going on as soon as you dared to show too much booty.


Screening refers to the process through which escorts verify the identities and backgrounds of potential clients before agreeing to meet them. Escorts engage in screening as a precautionary measure to ensure their personal safety and well-being. By screening clients, escorts can assess the level of trustworthiness, reliability, and compatibility with a prospective client before proceeding with an appointment.

Escorts need to prioritize their personal safety and want to minimize potential risks associated with meeting new clients. Screening allows them to gather information about clients to ensure they are not dangerous, abusive, or have ill intentions (like a fake booking through law enforcement). Establishing trust is crucial in the escort-client relationship. Screening helps escorts determine whether a client is reputable, respectful, and reliable. By checking references, reviewing online presence, or conducting background checks, escorts can gauge the trustworthiness of a potential client. Escorts want to ensure that their services align with the client's preferences and requirements. Screening can involve discussing interests, boundaries, and expectations to ensure a mutually satisfying encounter.

Screening is a professional practice that demonstrates an escort's commitment to providing a safe and high-quality experience. It establishes a level of professionalism and helps escorts maintain their reputation in the industry.

And it needs to be said: No, you are not “too important” or “have too much to lose” to screen properly. Not a single professional escort is after you and wants to out you in front of your coworkers or wife (who has the time and nerve to deal with that?).


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